My Source Ltd

Face to Face Appointment Setting

Get your product or service in front of the decision makers that matter.


In today's fast paced world of e-mail and mobile communication, face to face meetings are becoming harder to come by. 

Yet these are the B2B environments in which the strongest relationships can be built and most productive negotiations can be held. Successfully generating these appointments requires careful planning and pin point execution from an experienced telemarketing team.

Our talented group of telemarketing professionals will work to understand your business, products and services, listening to your prospects and generating appointments that stick. All leads are qualified to your own specifications and we're able to provide a thorough consultation prior to launching each campaign.

Appointment Support Service

As well as generating quality face to face appointments, we'll provide you with digital call recordings to help increase your knowledge of booked prospects.

We collect a wealth of useful data from customers during each conversation or e-mail exchange, and this can be vital when it comes to hitting the ground running during your appointment.

Quality Through Transparency

We're always looking for ways to increase our knowledge of you, your business and your customers which is why our digital call recording is a great way for you to monitor our processes. Ensure that every one of our calls is made to the highest professional standards and increase your understanding of client conversations.

Bespoke Appointment Criteria

The more information you can give us on your target audience, the more we can concentrate our efforts on one particular demographic. Whether you'd prefer to speak to C-level directors, Facility Managers, IT Managers or purchasers, we'll get you access to those who can help your business grow.

An Extension Of Your Business

We will always ensure that our telemarketing team understands the USPs of your product/service, enabling them to operate as if they were employed by your business. By avoiding scripts, they're able to use their communication and sales skills to connect with prospects like the real people they are.

This creates a seamless transition to help maximise your conversion opportunities and develop a welcoming, friendly environment for your meeting.