My Source Ltd

Data Services

Dissecting data and providing rich content to target your audience.


Whether you're looking to purchase high quality data for your next marketing campaign or wish to maximise the efficiency of your existing data set, My Source can help.

Data Supply

Whilst our in-house data experts have access to a huge volume of data, it's the quality of this data that carries its true value. 

Whether you're looking to grow your data supply in line with your sales force or simply wish to find a reliable, steady stream of leads, we can help to build a tailored database that matches your target audience.

Prefer to enrich your existing data? We can correlate your current information with our latest databases to correct missing or false information.

Data Cleansing

The negative impact that poor quality data can have on both your profits and your staff is significant.

Dialling through numbers which aren't in use or adding defunct e-mail addresses to a mailing list is a waste of staff and financial resources, as well as limiting the time that your sales team are communicating with legitimate prospects.

By cross referencing databases, we can verify client contact details and positions, remove unnecessary duplicates and maximise the efficiency of your campaigns.

E-Mail Enrichment

E-mail campaigns can be a highly rewarding source of leads if carried out correctly, but investing in data with outdated e-mail addresses is inefficient and costly. Get your marketing e-mails into active accounts with our comprehensive B2B e-mail enrichment service.